Il Segno

Tasting notes: garnet red, very intense and persistent with notes of blackberries, plums and raspberries; it has a wonderful spiced and delicate hint of vanilla, tobacco and shows a large complexity of scents. It reveals itself as full-bodied, deep, ripe, round, harmonic and persistent with a final hint of licorice. Great structure, good balance between alcohol and freshness, velvety tannins.


Red Wine, Rosso Tavola

Grape Variety

Aglianico del Vulture, Nerello Mascalese, Nero d’Avola, Primitivo, Sangiovese


ml 750

Production Area

Abruzzo, Basilicata, Puglia, Sicilia


Pressatura soffice, macerazione e fermentazione per 25 giorni. Fermentazione malolattica in barriques, seguita da 13 mesi di maturazione.



Serving Temperature


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The genesis of the wine sides

Wine has always been represented only in the action of being drunk, therefore in the action of judging it through the sense of taste.
For Cinquesegni wine is intended to be as something more, not only a liquid which stimulates taste and sanse of smell, but a set of elements that engage and enhance all the other senses.

The soil, understood as matter, is one of the key elements of inspiration from which both the grape and the ceramic originate from, and which characterize the company’s innovative design. Since its origin, the human being has been always attracted by the appearance beauty and benefit from the search of details which stimulate our senses.

Il Segno is a product designed to satisfy the ancestral needs of the human being: to stimulate all the senses through a good quality wine together with the attention to aesthetic details.

Il Segno is a blend of five grapes from South Italy (Primitivo Manduria, Aglianico del Vulture, Nerello Mascalese, Nero d’avola and Sangiovese), which come from selected vineyards “from East to West”.

It is a unique wine in the world, both for its incredible sensorial experience and for the innovative design characterized by an ultra-thin and patented ceramic label and by a precious gold-plated bracelet, both products of the “Made in Italy” handcraft.

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