The Sun of Apulia

“Salentu, lu Sule, lu Mare, lu ientu” (“Salento, The Sun, The Sea, The wind”) it is a sort of magic formula, which perfectly describes the Salento, in the which area of Manduria, precisely in Sava, we produce our Primitivo.

Sun, Sea and Wind in this land live together in a mystial symbiosis, by creating harmonies and dissonances, combining and transforming colors, sounds, faces, feelings, landscapes.

The sun heats and envelops everyone and everywhere, fades the colors of sea, emphatize the feelings, strenghtenes smells and flavors, dries the vineyards and shapes the soil, the same soil which gives life to a powerful, enveloping wine with a great persistence, just like the ‘Sule’ of Salento, which we have “celebrated” with our ceramic label and with our great wine.

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