Luna Passante

Luna Passante

The Night Harvest

The harvest has always been an experience that brings up into a closely contact with nature.
In our vineyards, along the shores of the Lake Arancio, nearby the village of Sambuca di Sicilia, this ritual takes on an even more romantic and spectacular connotation as it takes place during the night, in a fantastic setting between the moon and the stars.

The choice of the night is fundamental to guarantee a better conservation of the grapes while mantaining their aromas, which may be compromised otherwise by the high temperatures of the day time, avoiding then an early fermentation and a risk of oxidation, and to allow to work in less stenuous conditions.

For these reasons, we continue to follow the tradition of the night harvest unloaded trough the wines and the labels of the Luna Passante line, which represent the wonderful Sicily all over the world.

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