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The 4 Aces

The 4CENTO line takes to extrem the concept of indivisual choice: although belonging to the same line, the four 4CENTO bottles represent 4 different styles of wine and inevitably put the consumer in front of a choice.

It will be enough to be tempted by the beauty and elegance of one or all these wines together in an elegant and luxury gift box to be set free from any choice.

4CENTO is a line of wines that comes from 4 different regions of central-south Italy and finds expression in 4 famous denominations represented by the 4 Aces of the labels: Primitivo di Manduria Doc, Nerello Mascalese Igt Terre Siciliane and Rosso Igt Toscana, which enhance their territories of origin thanks to a careful selection of grapes and to a luxury packaging.

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